I've had a life-changing experience. I'm in that place we all need to live in of pure gratitude simply for feeling amazingly alive. All thanks to green juice.
Long story short: I got extremely sick two weekends ago, the sickest I can ever remember (not gastrointestinal and so bad I can't go into it here). Sam Kovalyov suggested Suja green CELERY juice and to drink the whole bottle within about 3 days. I woke up feeling better than I can describe and it's continued. I also stopped all sugar and booze cold turkey so that's important too. (Some people say celery juice specifically is magical.)
I highly recommend anyone who wants to feel their absolute best, let alone cure a chronic illness that no one's been able to help you with, cut out all the crap you're putting into yourself, even when you think your diet is mostly healthy and DRINK GREEN JUICE. The way it makes you feel is worth everything. With that feeling, you're ready to do anything, with a calm, centered focus.
When you get seriously sick, one benefit is that it can make you willing to do things you wavered on before. If everyone knew how good they could feel with this simple, healthful drink and stopping habits that can be stopped, everyone would do it. I do believe you have to cut out things that are thwarting you like sugar and booze (doesn't mean you can't have those things occasionally).
Note that I'm talking about pure green juice, not a green smoothie, which can have lots of other ingredients in it.

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