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Terms & Conditions for EmbodyArt

The following terms and conditions apply to work engaged in with EmbodyArt. By using this site and entering into any relationship with us, you are agreeing to these terms.


EmbodyArt values and respects the privacy, safety and comfort of clients, past, present and future. No information you may provide to EmbodyArt, written or transmitted, is listed, given or sold to any other firm or individual without your permission.

Project Scope


For custom work, two optional rounds of revisions are included. Revisions requested after these may be accommodated with additional fees.

Project Timelines

A rough estimate of expected completion date is given at project outsets. Custom rugs, on average, take 12 weeks to be delivered after approval of your sample swatch. Sample swatches, on average, take 4 weeks to be delivered.

Keep in mind that creative projects are organic and as such, they move, grow and change as we work, especially longer-term projects. For long-term projects, we stay in communication about shifting timelines when this applies and together decide on shifting priorities.

If a true personal emergency necessitates a project pause on either side, one occurrence is permitted for larger projects.

If for any reason, you, the client, delay a project longer than 3 months without clear mutual agreement, your initial deposit and any fees paid remain nonrefundable and the project is considered closed. You will be welcome to start a new project based on mutual agreement, however, the initial project’s fees will not be considered part of any new project, as we need to maintain a steady flow of work to function successfully.

If for any unforeseen reason, there are delays beyond three months of our projected timetable, as with you, we will give you the option to continue or not with a revised timetable; however, initial deposits and any fees paid remain nonrefundable, as this is not a usual event, would only occur in the case of an unavoidable circumstance and we will offer you the option to continue work after any delay.

Project Changes and/or Switcheroos

Sometimes with creative work, you’ll start one thing and it becomes evident that there are different things you'd like. Should this occur, you, the client, may request a change of direction and a new agreement may be decided upon, based on mutual agreement and availability, noting that different work requires different allocation of resources, payment arrangements and other factors.

Initial deposits and payments remain nonrefundable in all cases so that work can be structured. Deposits or fees remaining unused longer than 3 months without explicit agreement are closed and new work will receive a new arrangement.

Items agreed upon cannot be substituted for different items without mutual agreement, i.e., you initially requested a certain product and now prefer to order an entirely different item.

Decisions such as these are welcome as new orders, in which case the initial order is considered closed if you don’t wish to complete it. If work has already been partially done or completed, the balance of that order will be due before a new order may be placed.

Project Add-Ons for Custom Work

Sometimes as we work, it becomes evident that there are more things that you'd like to include. All additional work, small or large, will be estimated and charged for, as it requires expertise and attention and is of value.

Instruction & Methods

In general, it’s not a part of our standard work agreement to instruct or teach how to create custom art rugs or other pieces offered, such as note cards, t-shirts etc. My methods and systems are proprietary and you agree not to attempt to recreate them as your own before, during or after working together.

Product Maintenance

Our products are made with long-lasting materials and fine craftsmanship. It's your responsibility, once purchased, to maintain them to preserve their appearance so they can last many years. We do not offer any cleaning or repair services for our products. Suggestions on simple maintenance are available on the Rug Care page. 

Project Property

Original File Transfer

If you wish to receive native application files for custom artwork, separate agreement must be made to do so. Files are specifically created for each project’s purpose unless otherwise specified. Besides the value of creative work being based on usage and not time, this policy ensures that we can maintain the integrity of the way files are used, e.g. for printing purposes and for other, unrelated projects where numerous new, unforeseen elements may arise.

Intellectual Property

All original concepts presented on this site and in our materials remain our personal property. Permission must be obtained to use any artwork. You agree not to use our language or art to convey your own concepts.

Your original work we create together is your own once created for that project only, with rights varying based on the project (see immediately below). EmbodyHome retains the right to show your work created as an example, with your permission granted by engaging in work together.


For all other custom projects, you are granted the right to use art created explicitly for that project but not for other uses, for instance art created for a wall hanging used in other materials. We may gladly create a separate agreement for such use, if requested.

Products for Sale

No creative work, design, writing or concepts, may be used in a product for sale without explicit agreement, including custom art, for which such an agreement can gladly be made and will include our design credit.


Fees & Payment

All major credit cards are proudly accepted. For rug collections, a large sample swatch is required for approval before creating any full-size rug. Samples are paid for before being created. For full-size rug orders, your payment is due upon placing your order so the rug mill can fulfill your order. No refunds are possible once your order has been placed and materials have been ordered. For custom pet rugs, the initial design deposit is due to begin work and remains nonrefundable if you should choose not to proceed with creating a sample and then full-sized rug. 

In the unlikely event that your payment does not go through, you’ll be immediately contacted to update your payment information. If further delays occur, work will be paused until updated information is received and cleared.

If your scheduled payment is not made within one week of its due date, your project will be considered closed and any previous fees paid are nonrefundable.


Because our rugs are custom-made, no refunds are possible since they are expressly made to fulfill your order. Should there be something physically wrong with your order, it will be remade for you at no cost. 


EmbodyArt believes in adding value and serving others. By law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results with our products. We offer no legal, medical, psychological or financial professional advice. 


For products offered through affiliate partners, please see the separate Disclosure statement on this site.