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Colormaiden FAQ

How did the rug lines evolve?

I always wanted to design and sell physical products. Rugs captured my attention when I moved four times in four years and got better and better at interior design with each move. I realized I'd love to design my own artistic rugs that look great with both vintage, reclaimed and ultra modern room designs. See the About page for more of the story.

What products do you design?

I design all the rugs offered on this site. Bathmats are a combination of my own designs and my curated choices.

Who are your affiliate partners?

I'm proud and excited that my affiliate partners are vast. Companies from Anthropologie to Neiman Marcus, The Container Store and so many more. Through these relationships, I'm able to present to you products I love, believe in and that are of high quality. My collections represent my spin on style so you can create your own beautiful look.

How do you choose collections?

There are furniture pieces I know and love for years. Those are a “must have” in my collections. As a designer, I've spent years testing products for aesthetic appeal, function and usefulness. I want what you get from me to serve you amazingly.

Then there are always fun new items. Art knows no bounds and discovering new items and artists is an endless source of fun for me and for you.

How often are new products added?

New rug designs are created throughout the year. Custom designs can be commissioned.

New items are added regularly. Seasonal selections are made with an eye towards what you'll want for each time of year.

Can I request a specific item?

All my rugs are custom made and in addition, you can request a custom design created just for you.

Definitely let me know if you're looking for something specific. I'd love to help you find it if I can or offer a great alternative.

How do returns or exchanges work?

Return and exchange policies are according to each affiliate vendor. You'll find their policies when you click through my listings. Custom-made items are not returnable unless they arrive damaged, in which case they'll be replaced.

How does shipping and tracking work?

Shipping and tracking methods vary by affiliate partner and can be found when you click through my listings.

Rug shipping comes from my mill in India and tracking will be sent as soon as I receive it. Shipping takes approximately two weeks after your order is completed, varying depending on where in the world you're located.

Got a different question?

If there’s something you’d like to know or are curious about, please ask.

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