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The White House does it so why shouldn't you? Let's create a rug or collection of rugs (circles, runners) that show the world how proud you are of the brand you've built. How cool is that?

Branded Case Study

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Honor your brand

Honor your past, present and future with unique floor art. I can create any size or shape, including circles, squares, runners and rugs that turn a corner. Wall hangings are also available. The White House does it; now you can too.

Get a branded set

This is a great way to show off your business. Create a customized set of rugs. I’ll create a grouping for you using your brand with variations. I never compromise the integrity of your logo or brand and am still able to be very imaginative. You can also use the art I create for your rug other ways, such as in greeting cards, framed art, wearables and more.

How it works

We’ll have a conversation so I can get to know your brand. If your brand isn’t clearly defined, I’ve got a Vision process that’s perfect for clarifying your message. I’ll then create artwork variations that translate your brand to a rug.

This isn’t just popping your logo onto a rug. And it isn’t messing with the integrity of your logo. It’s your brand as art. It’s a process of translating the essence of your brand into what will be striking and unique as a rug. Final art depends on the look and feel of your brand and what makes your heart and business sing. Your customers will love it. It’ll inspire you every day. Contact me with questions.

Client example

Rug art shown here was created for the 173rd Airborne Brigade, who are fiercely loyal to their “patch” because it signifies what they went through in wartime together. We created several sizes of textile art wall hangings. They’re thrilled with and proud of their textile art.

Now it’s your turn.

NOTE: This initial order is your deposit to create sample art and have our conversation so I can learn about you and your brand. I'll create a sample layout and then make an actual rug sample. This deposit covers creating your original art concept. 


Pricing for your final rug(s) varies depending on the details of your design, sizes ordered, colors etc. You'll be given an estimate before ordering. All custom rugs are made expressly for you and are therefore nonrefundable.