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Home Style Consult

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Your home is your sanctuary

Your home, whether a sprawling complex or a modest studio apartment (I've seen stunning studios BTW) is your own personal sanctuary away from the hustle bustle of the world. It's a place for you to feel nurtured, respected and loved. 

So how do you do that?

By doing a little exploration into who you are. Creating your home sanctuary involves being honest about what makes you feel good. Just because you grew up with something doesn't mean it fits who you are now. But it might. We'll explore so you can know what really pleases and supports you.

It's not about spending a ton of money

I love helping people recreate their spaces with what they've already got. One boyfriend said I made his place feel like his own Bed & Breakfast. Score! 

From paint colors to accessories and the things that really speak to your heart, besides basics like chairs and key furniture, having a home that welcomes you is one of life's truly beautiful experiences. 

What if you and your partner want different things?

Well, that's where negotiation comes in. It's part of being a team and it'll help you both get to know each other better to create a place that serves both of your needs. You might each create a getaway of your own while shared spaces are a bit different. Or you may find that in this time of your life, you're ready to embrace something different. This experience is important for sharing a life together and it can be so much fun.

Creating your home sanctuary will support you through everything life will inevitably throw at you. I love helping you create that supportive home base you deserve. 

P.S. You've got to declutter as part of this! See Trash to Cash for my approach to decluttering.

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