I heard a song that reminded me of his sound today. I was introduced to his music through a former radio disc jockey. When I looked up Nick Drake, what struck me was this sentence: "Drake's reluctance to be interviewed or to perform live contributed to his lack of success."
Are you an incredibly talented (fill in the blank -- songwriter, coach, product creator, designer, poet...) whose reluctance to share your talents keeps you hidden?
Nick Drake was an awesome singer / songwriter who died tragically young.
His music has become increasingly popular and I hear it all the time on background tracks on Netflix shows. He wasn't successful while he was alive, though.
I know that hiding out instinct. I get it. Completely. But we're all in this together, meaning life, love, hopes, dreams. There are things to be afraid of in this life for sure. Sharing your brilliance, including doing it imperfectly, doesn't have to be one of them.
Because we all want to see you, hear you and celebrate you. At least enough of us do that you deserve to let us do that. And the only way we can do that is if you show us you. So come on out from hiding.

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