Let's hear it for ALL the entrepreneurs! -- I woke up realizing it's been 10 years since I took B-School in 2013, which was when I began my journey into the online learning world with determination. In some ways, it feels like 2.5 years, just a moment ago -- and in some ways it feels like SO much has happened since then.

The biggest thing I'd like to share with everyone running your own online business is to STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. Part of what made me realize it's been 10 whole years is that yesterday I had two client projects that needed clarification. I realized that now I know how to communicate what's being asked of me and what that's worth. Your clients can feel your own sense of self-worth. Call it confidence or whatever you want. It's knowing what you're worth and learning how to communicate that without resentment or anything except clarity.

Here's to your magical entrepreneurial journey. Entrepreneurs are the creative souls that make our world go round. Your ability to turn ideas into products and services are the brilliance that moves the world forward. Your ideas and imagination make life worth living.

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