Dug up while decluttering! One of the many benefits of decluttering is that you end up knowing exactly where everything is, whether that's the carrot shredder or childhood drawings.
I never thought I could draw very well and was frustrated by not being able to represent exactly what I wanted. But now I know that as long as you're expressing yourself and especially if it's pleasing or fun or interesting in some way -- to you and with luck, to others also -- part of the magic of creativity is that it's your partner; you're not its boss.
Many times things turn out differently than how you'd imagined and it's fantastic. You're kind of playing with the Universe when you get creative.
I still love the same fashion style too. Long, lean lines and bold shapes, luscious colors. I even gave her curly hair, lol. This was as a young teenager, I remember and inspired by 1930s illustrations, which I adored.
Do you have anything stashed away you'd love to uncover by decluttering?

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