If you don't have a close relationship with color, I'd like to introduce you to each other. Because color can be life-enhancing. Not to mention bring out your beautiful eyes.
One Thanksgiving a long way back, my brother went around the table and asked people what they most valued or wanted and people said things like a fancy car. I said, oh, that's easy: color. My brother was gobsmacked at the differentness of my answer.
Color, in its essence, is my meditation, my love, my inspiration, my best friend, my hero. Pure color makes me feel everything: alive, curious, interested, seeking.
Color shows the outer and inner worlds dancing. The inner world is: aliveness, full-expression and experience and the outer world displays its inner essence in magnificent color.
A simple example of what color can do is I've got a beautiful grass green office wall. When I feel weird or sad or anything difficult, I can look at that green and feel a lot of helpful things: how beautiful the world can be and color is, alive again, hopeful. And even if nothing bad's happening, that green inspires me.
This came out of a great conversation yesterday with transformation and leadership coach Adam Quiney. Grateful.
What about you? Got a color that inspires you? I really want to know.

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