Pic is me on one of a couple trips to England for Price Waterhouse, part of my then biggest project win for Corning Inc.
I traveled on my own across the pond. Kinda scary. Met up with colleagues once there but still a bit daunting, right?
Anyway, I needed to feel connected to SOMETHING, SOMEONE so that was my then boyfriend (and later dear friend), Paulie. At night, we hung on the phone for hours. Not a great idea. This was on the hotel phone, not a cell phone. OH NO! you say. You NEVER call for long on hotel phones. The rates were and still are outrageous. Everyone was already walking down the street attached to their cell phones in Europe but not yet in the U.S.
Phone bill eventually arrives. It's A THOUSAND DOLLARS! Which I most certainly did not have. Luckily, I was able to expense it with a bunch of questioning. Knowing I'd never make that mistake again. To be fair, I had almost no time to plan for the trip so I didn't look into things like phone rates.
If you're curious to learn a little more about how I and my (quite awesome) business evolved (to where I actually COULD afford a $1k phone bill but luckily don't have to), you can check out my About page on my new site here: https://embodyartstore.com/pages/about Would love to hear what resonates with you, makes you laugh or peaks your curiosity.

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