Falling down hurts. Surprise. Shock. Tears. Uncertainty. Hoping you’re okay. Are you bleeding. Wondering what comes next and if you’ll make it through. Is there anyone around to help.

And then. When you get up. A grin? You’re alive. You made it through. You might be a little or a lot worse for wear but gratitude starts to seep in.

I believe every fall is also a rise, just like every ending is also a beginning. By the nature of life, we’re not going to know what’s next. We have wishes, intuition, dreams. And those help move us forward. We're creators. Imagine it and make it real. There are also other forces collaborating with you that may take you in different directions than you first imagined. You still get to steer those new directions. You’re still the captain of your ship.

So when your ship hits a rock and crashes, look up. My guess is you're falling up.

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