If you’re feeling overwhelmed by stuff that's been mounting up over the years -- in closets, bedrooms, the garage, creeping into the living room and kitchen -- and you don't even know where else -- the STUFF is WHY you’re feeling overwhelmed! Or at least a big piece of it. It's been quietly crowding out your life, your sense of wellbeing, your ability to focus, your happy energy.
I know because I've had closets packed to the gills and my closets are now so organized, I sometimes leave the doors open because they look so pretty. Believe me, I never thought that was going to happen.
So how do you break through those feelings of overwhelm and just start? The easiest way I know of is to take my mini courses, which come from my rich and deep experience decluttering, selling and organizing. You're guided through and supported so you not only master the overwhelm; you actually enjoy the decluttering process (and there are tons of unexpected side benefits). We'll cover things like:
Finding Time
Declutter by Category, Not Room
Letting Go
What to Sell, Donate or Chuck
How to List Items & Great SEO Tips
Product Photography that Sells
Pricing & Negotiating
Engaging Buyers
Shipping Basics
Kids’ Stuff
Kitchen Stuff
Larger Stuff
Sentimental Stuff
PM me with questions. Or go HERE to join my mini courses in pre-launch right now!

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