YogaHaven kept me sane and in many ways life has been insane for me since it closed.
Working alone for years at home, this place was my refuge that kept me from isolation, kept my body healthy but so much more. It created what I called my "bliss days," when the balance of mind, body, fun, friends and practicality are in perfect sync for what works for you. Totally different than doing classes at home online.
My beloved YogaHaven, which closed immediately during the pandemic, is reopening finally, 4 years later, in a new location. I got a sneak peek yesterday from the gracious co-owner, Dana, due to lucky timing when I drove past to see the new location.
What was your biggest change triggered by the pandemic?
So much has happened in these past 4 years. Can you believe it's been 4 years since shutdowns? I personally had many tougher experiences the last two years.
What did you go through during these past two years post-pandemic? Has it been full of rebirth? Delayed struggles? Re-acclimating? All of the above?

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