From an updated King Arthur movie but a much more interesting point here.

Got this from Bryan Reeves, men's relationship coach.

It's about the concept of being so afraid to step into our own power, whether a man or a woman.

How afraid are you?

Is it worth sacrificing your whole life for? For the -- what? -- security of doing nothing?

In this tale of King Arthur, he's a reluctant king. And he finally finds his way to understanding that to be who he's born to be he has to be willing to surrender.

For men, this is the concept of surrendering to the woman you love. It's no small task. And the rewards are immense. Everything. Going beyond yourself. Genuine connection, which is becoming more than who you are alone. It may sound wild but you meet God in “the other.” That's what philosophers have talked about for centuries. That's why relationship is sacred and the biggest and best challenge -- and opportunity -- we've got in this lifetime.

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