I became a declutter and sell it on Poshmark expert during Covid and found that people were interested to hear how I earned $5,455.45 selling what I decluttered. (Ask me if interested!)
The three "legs" of decluttering in my system are:


Decluttering is life-changing. It truly changes how you look at everything going forward. It's the best thing you can do for yourself if you're feeling overwhelmed or stuck.
Selling on Poshmark has so many benefits besides the obvious one of some extra cash, it's mind-boggling. You'll become a much better communicator. You'll learn a lot of the business lessons you never could quite grasp because it's a simple and fun -- and very smart -- system. Not to mention, you're helping your wallet and the planet by recycling and reselling.
Organizing has to come after you declutter or you're just shoving things in places that you may not even want or need. A truly organized home brings PEACE and opens you up for your dreams.


Pictured here is a great organization example shown in my own closet: handsome stacking shoe shelves by decluttering guru, Marie Kondo. When I reviewed them on the Container Store, my review got an unusual number of likes so I'm sharing this info with you in case you can use a little more organization in your life.
The way these shoe racks stack is elegant and ingenious. The little moon-shaped grooves rest gently into the layer below. I researched a ton to decide what new shoe storage to get and landed on these beauties. The dimensions are smart. The wood is unfinished and I like that quality. The dark option looks exactly like pumpernickel bread (yum).
I didn't intend to go two-tone but I couldn't decide which color would work better for my situation so the very helpful store person suggested I try both and return whichever didn't work. Surprisingly, I love the two-tone effect so I went with it. I find these to be more elegant and space-efficient than any other option I found. I like the look of some clear bins but since I need to fit 47 pairs, the idea of getting them into the house was a non-starter. These pretty shelves are easily collapsible and made from wood from a forestry program. Kudos to Marie Kondo, the decluttering genius.
BTW, these work great for men's or children's shoes too.


Want more decluttering, selling it and organizing tips? Come say hi. My mini course in beta right now shows you how to win the war against clutter jamming up your head, heart and home and have a ton of FUN doing it.

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