Feral? Not any more. Meet Austin. The mayor of City Island.
Everyone knows and loves Austin and says hi to him from across the street when walking nearby. He's moved into my house -- not my apartment but my downstairs neighbor's. He started off living next door but now sleeps here and occasionally goes over there, making his neighborhood rounds.
Austin started off living next door in a house that's full of people and chaos, multi-generational. He was and is an indoor / outdoor cat (not mine). He's one of those unusual cats with a big personality. He follows people to the corner diner and goes all around the hood.
Austin and his awesome sister, Addy, both started off feral and are both now very pet-able, kiss-able and fun. Still very independent.
I used to believe cats should never go outside because so many articles tell you that it's too dangerous. But now that I've seen multiple examples of cats who go out and are so healthy because they get so much exercise and have lived much longer than my indoor-only cats, I feel like it depends on your circumstances.
It's such a great thing to have Austin hang out in and around my house. You can see how comfortable he is. He purrs when we smooch.

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