Would you like to make $5,368.65 from your decluttering? You can. I did. I show you how in my upcoming mini course.
I'd love to offer Marie Kondo's followers the add-on of my mini course on selling what you've decluttered on Poshmark to make the whole experience that much richer.
Decluttering gives you perspective on your life. It's that big. It shows you how you've changed, grown, morphed. It teaches you moderation without lecturing you. And much more.
Selling on Poshmark teaches you about valuing things for what they really are, as opposed to trends or prices. It's also social media so it's got a fantastic connection component. The platform's extremely well thought through and simple too so you can get a ton of great ideas to try in your own business. It also teaches you the real value of a dollar. And much more.
Almost everyone knows who Marie Kondo is. Her superb books, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and “Spark Joy” are on their way to becoming bibles for a happy home / home life. She's rightfully become an icon of decluttering or tidying up, the cute way to say it.
I was already deep into decluttering when I read her books and they were still magical for me. They confirmed what I was discovering about the huge experience, which is so much more than you'd think if you haven't done it.
Cut to Covid. Long story short (the long story is parceled out in various places like my program, since no places were picking up donations or letting you drop stuff off, out of desperation over my room filled with boxes to donate, I started selling on Poshmark.
To my surprise, selling on Poshmark turned into its own huge experience.
Honestly, it's not the money that's the biggest reward. I mean, let's face it, you paid way more than you can sell things for. It's the many other payoffs -- just like decluttering really isn't about “stuff” at all.
How great is it to not only experience the joy of decluttering but to then double that joy by not cluttering landfills but instead making money as other people give new life to what has already served its purpose with you?
I hope I get to share the Life-Changing Magic of Selling on Poshmark with the brilliant Marie Kondo's followers one day. 🙂

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