Balance is tricky, right? Balance in life, not only your body. What I've discovered is that giving your attention to all the areas that matter in life means that if one area experiences a crisis, you've still got 7 others that are supporting you.

EmbodyFocus Life Success Systems

My mom was big on balance. She'd say it a lot. Balance. Balance. Balance is one of the 6 Life Success Systems in my EmbodyFocus program featured on this swanky e-comm site. I've got a simple formula to help you see what areas of your life are humming along and where you might need to sprinkle in some TLC.

Everyone gets out of balance at times because you're focusing on something intently and so other things fall by the wayside.

Life's recipe combines flavors that make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. That's the magic of balance, I believe. What do you think?



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