emotional intelligence and leadership

I'm taking the intensive Next Level Trainings' “Ignite” Program that starts early Friday. These early morning to late night multiple workshops are a deep dive into “What am I doing with my life?,” “What are my blindspots?” “What's holding me back from what I want?” and other probing questions about who and why we are.

The main draw for me is the community of people, which I hear is incredible.

This has been recommended to me by people I respect so much, besides being from the same roots as the work my great colleague Rae-ann Wood-Schatz does in Canada. Next Level describes themselves as “an experiential leadership training organization” “with a strong emphasis on developing emotional intelligence (EQ), stress-management skills, integrity, resilience, responsibility and leadership.”

Thank you so much to everyone whose input I received. Deciding to do this made me realize what incredible people I already have around me.

Curious, excited, a bit apprehensive and ready for what's next...

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