I was asked today what I do differently. This is what I came up with for a first run at the question. i:
  • Take things personally because I’m personally involved with any project / person I work with (that doesn't mean I don't have healthy boundaries)
  • Don’t like long, 20-minute sales videos
  • Don’t appreciate manipulative emotional appeals which isn’t the same thing as being authentic
  • Don’t believe that only the early bird catches the worm; the afternoon or evening bird can catch him too and can even let him go
  • Don’t believe you have to do “only one thing;” in fact, I know you don’t have to (I’m a designer, copy writer and developer all in one, which is uncommon and referred to as being a “unicorn” or a ”full stack designer.”)
  • Don’t believe that only hard work pays off; easy work can pay off too
  • Love grammar and know it’s fine to break rules when it sounds and feels right
  • Don’t believe you have to send a certain number of e-mails to close a deal
  • Love people, however, it’s not only “who you know;’ it’s also “what you know” and “how you do it” that heralds your success
  • Am a web designer who believes you don’t always need a website (they’re great to have but connecting with people is the goal so if you’ve got another way that’s working, that’s cool)
  • Think being “well informed” depends on your own choice of topics
  • Believe you have to love your clients to do great work; not just like but love
So there you have it. It always comes down to LOVE.

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