Hi everyone. Love meeting like-minded souls so please say hi if you're so inclined.
This is my latest pet peeve: people sending group messages when they have no idea if the message actually applies to the person or not. Like, "Woohoo! You did it!" when a course is over but they don't know if the person even opened module 1. Or "I know you're struggling..." Do you? Excuse me but we've never actually met.
I get that everyone's trying to be "authentic" and like anyone else, I love and appreciate genuine authenticity. None of us are always going to hit the bullseye when addressing a list of people but can we try a little harder maybe?
My two cents.
P.S. Don't mean to be harsh; aiming to up my and our game.
P. P.S. One "fix" for the examples I gave is just tweaking the language. For instance, saying, "I know it takes dedication to complete what you start so I'm here to say a big WooHoo! if you made it through," and "IF you're struggling with..." -- just a couple ideas to help us all connect in a more genuine way. Talking to myself as well.

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