Does all your new stuff have to be made from old stuff? Using old stuff to make new stuff is taking on different personalities.
How about these gorgeous tables / seats by ForestBank that look to me like almonds and nuts embedded in delicious biscotti or pumpernickel bread. Yum.
ForestBank has created a water-based resin by designer Yuma Kano that's stuffed with twigs and leaves. And not just any leaves and twigs.
“ForestBank products are made from small trees, foliage, bark, seeds, soil, and other items considered worthless for construction or furniture making… These materials have patterns that vary depending on the angle and depth of the cut, creating a variety as fascinating as wood grain...” (source: FastCompany)
My own mini course, Embody TidyProfits (sign up here for the pre-launch starting soon!: has a big upcycling component because it’s about how to declutter and then sell what you declutter on Poshmark. That puts your old stuff into happy new hands instead of the garbage dump.
What I love is when practical need (saving resources) meets gorgeous design and innovation.
Do you love the use of recycled or formerly discarded materials? Or are you more a fan of pristine newness?

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