My first cat, Cassandra, smelled like chocolate chip cookies.
As a kitten, she scaled my shower curtain like a rock climber. Amazing and hilarious. She liked bagels and cream cheese -- a solid New Yorker.
Besides the internet and Egypt, many famous men have worshipped them, including Jean Cocteau, Romare Beardon and Winston Churchill.
I always wanted a kitty and when I was 9 years old, after preparing to pick up a little black kitten from a farm in Vermont, my father last minute said I couldn't. It was one of my life traumas but also taught me fortitude. I never let go of the idea of getting a cat which finally happened decades later.
Cassandra came from North Shore Animal League and charmed me, although I had to get used to a living thing in my house. I was fascinated by how she could go from total relaxation to lightning attention in a blink, how soft and luxurious it was to cuddle with her, how she'd find unusual places to sprawl out like uneven rows of books in the bookcase.
I'm proud I took the plunge and became a cat mommy as a grownup.
After Cassandra, I met my soulmate kitty, Autumn. An original. Huge personality. Greeted everyone at the door. A performer. Fearless. She could have done commercials because nothing fazed her and she loved people so much.
Cats change your life. Especially if you live alone. I have zero problem if anyone wants to call me a cat lady. That's a compliment.
Cats ironically humanize you.
Cats give you perspective on what matters.
Cats soften you.
Cats teach you unconditional love.
My third kitty, Sébastian, just left me in January. I'm still in mourning over that, however, when I think of him and feel him around the house, I smile. Sébastian's full name is Sébastian Zen because he came with wisdom. I got him fully grown. Sébastian owns the pretty blue microwave because he would sit on top of it. He owns a whole section of the kitchen. And my bed. And the living room, lol.
The Dying Part
It's really tough when the animals we love get sick and die. It's one of the toughest things we can go through. It can also be expensive and very time-consuming. It is, however, part of all life so preparation for what's inevitable. I don't know how many or if any more times I can go through it but I do know that the experience is important.
With cats, we're communicating inter-species. There's so much mystery in life that I feel this is a worthy endeavor if you've got interest in a life of meaning.
Anyone who ever knew what they were talking about -- philosophers, artists, writers, doctors, scientists -- have all said that life's meaning all comes down to love.
The essence of cats is love you get to interact with. Some cats can be aggressive but love doesn't exclude conflict in case you haven't heard.
Are you a cat person too?
(Picture of me with Autumn kitty on my rug design you can find HERE by wonderful photographer Susan Farley.)

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