OMGosh, I have so been there. I paid for a storage unit for years! And I was not rolling in dough either. It's a BIG $39.5 BILLION industry. The average cost of a 10 x 10 unit is $425 A MONTH here. Plus you have to drive to it, fit things in your car back and forth, protect them... I drove a giant U-Haul through the Bronx to my storage unit. Scary but brave. The whole thing is debilitating.
If you're ready to cut the storage cord, PM me.
It's really sad when you think about it, that we pay to store stuff we're not using. Let someone else use it who can.
I've got mini courses on how to DECLUTTER, SELL & ORGANIZE that will turn things around for you. Go HERE or send me a message when you're ready to turn your back on that storage unit that's sucking the life out of you and your bank account.

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