The story goes like this. In 2018, I thought I might have a Valentine's Day date with a guy I'd liked and had one date with the previous December but who had failed to make plans past that so who knew?
I'm actually not a "red person." I'm a fuchsia person. But everything has an exception and I happened to see a gorgeous red dress and thought, hmm, that is so perfect for Valentine's Day. I'm gonna get that dress and wear it on Valentine's Day and we'll let the Universe decide whether it's a date with me or a date with "that guy."
That guy didn't show up and I was fine with it because it is what it is and I was looking forward to celebrating whatever the day brought with my fabulous red dress. As evening approached, I donned the perfect red dress, grabbed my favorite Prosecco and the mood began.
My friend Mark (happily married to a lovely woman) asked me, "What are you doing for Valentine's Day?" I said, "I've got a hot red dress and a bottle of champagne." He said, "Oooo, I wanna see." I knew his wife would be fine with it so we shared some screen time and cracked up. The whole night was so much fun, I wondered if you're allowed to have that much fun alone.
Turns out, you are allowed to have that much fun alone. Now, it wasn't completely alone because I had my fun friend and my awesome red dress and thus was born, that "red dress feeling."
The "red dress feeling" isn't about the dress after all. It's about joy and being in the moment and knowing fully that you are enough. Not discounting others. Just being good -- fully good -- with you. The red dress is just a lovely reminder. The feeling is something you can own forever.
You can conjure up that "red dress feeling" whenever you need it. You really can. Try it on. Tell me how it goes.
So every year since 2018, I grab a fantastic red dress to celebrate Valentine's Day. This is a tradition I'd love you to experience. Picture is this year's great dress. (I can't fit my face in the screen with my camera setup!)

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