I call it "The  Jeans & a Tank Approach"

I love clothes and (if I do say so myself) have a killer wardrobe but the old "I've got nothing to wear" is a ridiculous time suck on a daily basis. About 10 years ago I came up with a daily "uniform" that's (awesome) jeans with an (awesome) tank top. That's what I can always count on to look and feel great and just grab in a couple seconds. For going out etc., that's different and I'll take time to put together an outfit I love. 

It doesn't have to be jeans & a tank for you — the idea is to create a go-to "uniform" so you don't waste daily time wondering what to wear and getting dressed in the morning. 

This concept can be applied to so many other areas of life like our websites and other decisions. 

It doesn't take away from the fun when there's time; it just saves buckets of time and lets you jumpstart your day feeling ready to go.

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