Nathalie is someone to emulate. I first became aware of Nathalie about 10 years ago when I took B-School in 2013 and we were both in that group. Man, time flies. Nathalie's eminently fair, sweet and strong all together. I can sometimes channel her if I need to figure out what to do by thinking, "What would Nathalie say or do?"
For anyone who doesn't know it, AccessAlly is the best software out there IMO for creating online courses and memberships. It's very successful. It's created and run by the brilliant Nathalie Lussier and her brilliant husband, Robin Li.
In 2017, as the importance of online courses grew, I had the chance to apply for and was accepted to become a Certified Developer for AccessAlly. I didn't know the software at the time except by reputation. I just knew that everything Nathalie did and touched was deep down remarkable.
I went to Dallas for two trainings as part of the certification. I'm not one for credentials above experience so I don't get a lot of (or actually any other) certifications. But this one has been such a blessing.
Check out AccessAlly (https://access.accessally.com/~access/a2c26109f) (that's my affiliate link fyi) -- if you're wanting to create a course or membership. And of course I'd love to help you design, write and develop it.
My clients who use AccessAlly are also the most interesting, richly deep people I've ever met and that's no exaggeration. I'm blessed to have met Nathalie and all she's brought into my life. I'm so grateful I made the decision to dive into this powerful tool guided by this amazing team.

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