The reward of decluttering is literally freedom. I hear entrepreneurs and others constantly say that their biggest life value is FREEDOM. Freedom starts with where you live.
I'm not a minimalist, though I love spacious, unfettered design. The difference is that I want you to have precious and nurturing surroundings that inspire you, including objects. The only way to get there is to weed out what's in the way.
My decluttering colleague, Suzanne Roynon, tells the story of a client who wanted a life partner and had everything going for him EXCEPT he had collected an incredible number of empty champagne bottles that represented the "champagne lifestyle" to him. When dates saw his place, they all quickly took a pass, seeing his exaggerated collection of empty bottles.
Suzanne says, “Holding onto evidence that you’ve done or owned something, especially if it’s as mundane as an empty bottle, creates a subconscious belief you don’t deserve an experience like that again. This limits expectations and opportunities, as well as cluttering up the home.” As soon as her client heard this, he did an about face and fixed his situation.
So what might it be for you? Old papers you'll never go through again. Oh man, can those mount up. Broken equipment you'll never fix? Tons of photographs. Those deserve to be sorted and for you to keep only the best ones in a special album. Chuck the blurry, unflattering ones you don't like anyway. I can help you through this process.
Many of us feel guilt or some related emotion when we let go of things we've held onto. I certainly have. That's why you start with easier things and move towards sentimental items when you declutter.
You've got to WEED OUT stuff that's in the way of your TRUE DAILY FREEDOM.
If you want support doing this, PM me or go to the link HERE for my "Trash to Cash" course in pre-launch in a special bundled offer right now that shows you how to declutter and sell what you declutter for some nice extra cash, a lovely incentive to help you in your journey.

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