I believe your home needs to be your personal sanctuary. Your respite from the cold, cruel world (even when it's 80 degrees and friendly). So how do you make it feel like that? I've discovered that it comes from self-knowledge, just like so many other key parts of life.

What colors make you feel amazing? (Don't worry what other people think like your parents always lived in neutrals.) Or do you love all white? Or even dark, cave-like spaces. Do you want to dive into overstuffed furniture you can sleep in or do you love amazing artist-made sculptural pieces?

It's so not about over-spending either. I've been known to (with permission) recreate friends' cozy apartments and turn them from depressing and messy into nurturing and gorgeous.

My interior design skills have come out into the world on this site My rug designs some of you know about are here and lots of luscious furniture and decor.

Here's to your own gorgeous personal sanctuary.

P.S. Yes, cats help make a house a home! See wall art. 🙂

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