Doing this kind of thing not only takes you out of your comfort zone, always a good challenge but at the same time, the physical act of it supercharges your whole being.
Yes, that's me in the pic. Ever been ziplining? IT FEELS AMAZING. I likely never would have if it hadn't been the ingenious and amazingly fun idea Nathalie Lussier and team came up with as part of my AccessAlly (best online course software) certification training in Dallas a few years ago.
I was pretty darn scared but our awesome little group all did it together and so I went for it. Do you know, it's actually not difficult at all.
You feel light.
It's a little like dancing in the air. The structures are really well built and support you so you don't have to worry about safety.
My only tip would be that on this whole adventure where we climbed all over tall things, walked on narrow ropes and planks, dove across expanses -- YOU NEED GRIPPY GLOVES.
At one point, I asked the crew if they had gloves because I felt like I couldn't hold on any more. Fortunately, they did. Grippy gloves made the whole experience fun. Mandatory to get grippy gloves.
Ever gone ziplining? Where?

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