“Things that have never happened before happen all the time.” -- Scott Sagan, Stanford Professor
Interesting (and fun) observation, right? This was shared in the context of financial investing where advisors use history to predict the future but all the extraordinary events of history have been unprecedented. And when we work to draw parallels, something humans are wont to do, there are many factors in different times that lead to different outcomes.
So how DO you plan for the future, since planning is undeniably helpful in achieving goals. By "hedging" your bets. Including "allowances" for the unknown. In financial planning, that's where not going all in on one thing makes sense. In life, I reckon it's the same.
1960s kinetic artist Jean Tinguely said, "The only thing that's constant is change.” When I first heard that, I found it profound. Change as an abstract concept is one thing, though. Changes that uproot our lives are experienced emotionally, viscerally, practically.
We're all in this together. For me, there's some comfort and fun in knowing that. What do you feel?

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