upcycled clothing

Good for the planet, your wallet and your style

up·cy·cle /verb — gerund or present participle: upcycling

To reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original."the opportunity to upcycle trash, or turn it into new products, was vast"

Explore my thriving upcycled closet on Poshmark. Hear my life- and business-changing upcycling experience in the EmbodyTidyProfits courses and learn how to upcycle for a tidy profit yourself.

Get $10

Use the code “Colormaiden” when you open your own closet on Poshmark for a $10 credit — it's easy and free!

Get the Best Poshmark Sales Tool

Get the Best Poshmark Sales Tool

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After an incredible experience selling on Poshmark (see my course on How to Sell on Poshmark), I discovered this HUGELY TIME-SAVING TOOL: Poshmark Sidekick.

Poshmark Sidekick is a Chrome extension that lets you share your closet (the number one way you'll make sales) a bazillion times faster than you could on your own. It's a genuine gamechanger for doing well on that platform. Use my link to sign up for this amazing, inexpensive tool that pays for itself right away. (Items pictured are all actual sales from my Poshmark closet.)

Poshmark is my favorite place to sell — and buy — decluttered items. It's social media so it's fun and caring besides profitable; you'll learn many unexpected things. Poshmark doesn't allow the use of automated tools. You can get banned if you try. They do, however, approve certain tools they consider manual. Poshmark Sidekick is an approved Poshmark tool.

P.S. Use the code Colormaiden when you open your own closet on Poshmark for a $10 credit — it's easy and free!