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Quoted on Quiet Luxury

Shhh: 5 Living Room Design Ideas That Nail the Quiet Luxury Trend 

by Larissa Runkle
May 12, 2023


For the better part of 2023, the fashion world has been enamored with the quiet luxury movement. Characterized by a minimalist, quality-over-quantity ethos, quiet luxury is all about embracing timeless designs with a strong point of view and prioritizing good craftsmanship.

Interior design trends are often informed by what’s “in” in fashion, so we weren’t surprised to see examples of quiet luxury popping up all over Instagram. This week, we’re focusing on the living room—one notoriously chaotic area of the home that arguably needs an infusion of quiet luxury the most.

So whether you’re new to this subtle yet impactful design movement or are looking for ideas to refine the elegant interiors you’ve been curating for years—this week’s roundup has something for everyone. Here are five living room looks that will elevate your home sotto voce.

1. Textured wall art

We all love compelling wall decor, especially when it works with (rather than competing against) the rest of the space. This piece of art, seen in a post by @homebymaddy, strikes the perfect balance.

“Textured wall art adds a tactile and visual interest to a space, as well as a contrast to the clean lines and smooth surfaces often found in modern interior design,” says interior expert and visual curator Liam Davis, of Art File Magazine. “The combination of texture and simplicity creates a sense of balance and harmony, which is essential for a relaxing living room.” 

2. Ceramic vase

When it comes to creating a simple yet thought-provoking space, this post from @theblossomshome captures the vibe beautifully. We’re especially drawn to the texture of the ceramic vase.

“A single ceramic vase can be a great focal point,” says designer Katie Colormaiden, of EmbodyArt. “The curves add to the overall feeling of flow and the natural grain aligns with the current sustainability focus. Ceramics will last decades and are a great way to bring art into your home.” 

3. Catchall basket

If you’re in need of a piece that’ll help keep those odds and ends in the living room organized, then you’re going to love this catchall basket seen in a post by @brookemoraleshome.

“Not only do catchall baskets add an element of practicality to the space, but they also serve as a decorative element,” says Davis. “One of the main reasons catchall baskets work so well in living rooms is that they offer a sense of warmth and texture that can be difficult to achieve with other design elements.”

4. Cork coffee table

For a slightly larger focal point, consider this unconventional cork coffee table seen in a post from

Lightweight, durable, and easy to move into any corner of your living room, a table like this one will soon become your new favorite piece.

“One of the main reasons why cork coffee tables work so well in living rooms is their versatility,” says Davis. “Whether you have a contemporary living room with sleek, minimalist lines or a more traditional space, a cork coffee table can be an excellent addition.”

5. Irregular-shaped mirror

We all know about the magical space-defining powers of a well-placed mirror, but there’s something extra special about this irregularly shaped one seen in the home of @homebymaddy.

“Irregular mirrors — or blob mirrors — are a fun switch-up from the squares, rectangles and circles we’re used to,” says Colormaiden. “The organic shape pairs well with natural textures, and anything that shakes up our usual way of doing or seeing things can have a great effect on our lives.”