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It’s time to create your home and work custom-tailored, nurturing spaces.

This experience is the payoff you get after decluttering, selling and organizing.

I help you create spaces custom-tailored to what YOU love which you’ve figured out by decluttering. You’ve made room for what you love by selling and letting others benefit from what no longer serves you. 

We’ll create a fun floor plan for your special chosen room. You can work with things you already have or add a few special new pieces, art or go wild with paint. 

Theme & variations

This is my name for my approach to creating a beautiful space. The term comes from the structure of a classical symphony and is exactly what it sounds like: we’ll define your main theme and create beautiful recurrences of that theme throughout the space to bring harmony. Most importantly, the room(s) will reflect your unique, personal style and inspirations. 

You’ll be armed with the ability to turn any room into the supportive environment you need to live your inspired, uncluttered life.


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