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Want More Money?

I thought so. Money's a great tool. We've got a lot of emotions wrapped up with money that really have nothing to do with money itself. Money is just printed paper we use to trade for goods and services. Our personal worth is not our money, okay? But -- you need money to do stuff. This system can help you get a grip on bringing in more money. It's simple math. Plus a little manifestation goodness (see below).

This is my own system for hitting money (or other) goals. I call it EXCELlent because it uses Excel spreadsheets. All you gotta do is use it. 

It Works. It's:

  1. Kept my 6-figure business flowing for over 20 years
  2. Helped colleagues bring in an extra $100k fast
  3. Allowed my colleague to bring in $15k quickly and stay in business
  4. Helped fill workshops and events to capacity

You can use any spreadsheet you like. I like Excel. No complicated formulas; we just use addition and subtraction. 

Try a Little Practical Woo Woo

I call my approach “practical woo woo” because it includes adding positive reinforcement and encouragement to this practical system. 

Before I shared this system, I wondered if it'd work for all different situations and people. I wondered if I'd be able to convey why it works for me and to explain how to use it. 

The answer is yes, yes, yes. 

It's worked for everyone who's used it. You're next. 

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