Trash to Cash

Trash to Cash

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Make Cash from Trash!

I've made $6,793.78 selling what I decluttered on Poshmark — and you can too!

Selling what you've decluttered on Poshmark is the most fun, surprising experience. In this fun yet comprehensive video course, I take you through the most important things to know so you can have fun, learn incredible side benefits and profit on this social selling platform. 

You'll learn:

  1. Where to find the time to do this,
  2. How to price what you're selling so it sells and you still benefit
  3. How to list so your items are picked up in search engines and by buyers
  4. How to take easy, simple photos of products without being a pro
  5. How to negotiate and communicate for everyone's fun and benefit
  6. Shipping tips and tools so your items arrive safe and sound
  7. What happens if you get a return or complaint


  • Extra touches (love notes) to increase your sales and experience.
  • The secret weapon tool I use for sharing items fast

Poshmark has been a big, fun, life and even income-changing experience for me and I want to share it with you.

Everyone's got stuff hanging around they're not using. Put it to good use and have a blast while doing it. Clear out that closet, garage, drawer, kitchen... You'll be on your way to the decluttered life you so richly deserve.

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