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Kelly & Ned Vandiver

Kelly and Ned teach their clients personal and marriage mastery skills that actually work and give you the coaching and mindset support you need to take action and create miraculous transformations in your marriage.

Kelly and Ned are both RLT (Relational Life Therapy) Practitioners who have dedicated the last 10 years of being together to helping people transform their lives and marriages in their local community and throughout the world. Kelly as Ned have been trained and mentored by some of the world’s best minds, including Dr. Terrence Real, the creator of the relational-living modality known as RLT.

Active parents of 8 children (3 grown and 5 still at home) they’ve been living, loving, running business, parenting, creating and healing together for the last decade and know firsthand how to intentionally create the conscious, healthy, happy, deeply connected marriage of your dreams through relational living, rolling up your sleeves and doing the inner work as individuals and as a couple every single day.

Kelly and Ned take clients through their process so that they can intentionally choose to heal their childhood traumas, their relationships with themselves and co-create the marriage they so deeply want.

Kelly and Ned are passionate truth seekers and truth tellers and believe that transformation in any area of your life is only possible when 1: you're truly committed to change and 2: when truth is inserted into the equation. Then and only then can the healing process truly begin.

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Time to Embody Art

Your life is the art you create. Let's make it beautiful, fulfilling, loving and abundant. If you can dream it, it can happen for you. Our connection is a beautiful piece of the puzzle.