Resume (Special)

Resume (Special)

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I Love Seeing You Get Your Next Job

Freud famously said you need good work and love to feel fulfilled. Seems true. We spend the majority of our time at work. Having a job you love is key.

Crazy Good Results

People consistently report back that they’ve gotten interviews and jobs from the resumes and cover letters I write. I know how to put your best foot forward.

It’s deeply satisfying to help you this way. The success rate is phenomenal.

For anyone who doesn’t run their own business, your resume is vital.

For Wherever You Are in Your Career

I write for people at every stage and in all types of industries, from those in college looking for summer jobs to people retiring and wanting to continue to do interesting work.

I’ve written for people who don’t consider themselves good at language but very good at their jobs. I’ve written resumes for professionals who had never before put together a resume. I’ve written resumes for people who are dumbstruck at the idea of summarizing their decades of experience.

I’ve written acting resumes for people starting with zero credits (yes, we can do it). I can write from scratch or revamp what you’ve got.

Changing Careers and the Perfect Job

I help people move into new fields and position their past experience so that it shows strengths and not a lack of direct experience. I help people changing careers, people unsure of what they want to do and those targeting a specific job they know is a perfect fit.

I Know What to Present

Writing resumes allows a glimpse into people’s lives. I make sure you show yourself off well. There are simple, effective ways to write a resume, focusing on what employers want to see and making it easy for them to skim.

A Beautiful Clean Format

I know the correct format for different types of resumes, including actors. Most industries prefer clean, concise layouts, however, for some professions, such as those requiring home visits, including a photo makes customers comfortable.

Keep Your Files

I write and lay out your resume and cover letter in Word so you can edit it in the future and include a .pdf for e-mailing and uploading. If you’d like a more artistic design, I work in InDesign and Illustrator.

Let’s put together the resume that will land you the job you’ll love. Boom. Done.

NOTE: For cover letters to go with your resume and online job applications, get in touch.

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