Easy Liner Shelf & Drawer Liner

Easy Liner Shelf & Drawer Liner

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Instant Cabinet Refresh

I found this bright white liner to be the best when doing my big decluttering and then organizing. My old cabinets couldn't easily all be painted and have uneven surfaces so these liners make things fresh and clean.

Solid Easy Liner provides a non-adhesive, non-slip layer of protection in drawers, cabinets and on countertops. Without adhesive, the backing keeps the liner from shifting or slipping. And because there's no adhesive, there's no possibility that bugs will be attracted to this liner. The liners are exceptionally thick to protect delicate items like dishes and glassware from knocks, shocks, chips and abrasions. The solid surface keeps crumbs and dust from falling through. The smoothness of the top surface allows items to glide with ease. Trim Easy Liner to fit with ordinary household scissors.

  • Vinyl-coated polyester mesh
  • Latex-free

Comes in two sizes depending on your needs. For me, the 20" version meant much less trimming. Measure your cabinets first.


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