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About Page

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Your About page is the second most visited page on your site

That's after your Home page, according to experts. It makes sense. People want to know about people so they're curious to find out about you, whether you're a one-person shop or the creator of a big entity. 

Here are some guidelines for crafting a good About page. 

Tell a "story" -- this is what draws people in.
  1. Character: Who are you? How are you different? Why should we care about you?
  2. Challenge: What is the key question or need you’re trying to answer? (core message)
  3. Vision: What is your unique idea or premise that you have embarked on? (core mission or goals)
  4. Conflict: What stands in your way, and what obstacles have you had to overcome?
  5. Triumph: How have you been successful and how are you overcoming these barriers to success?


1. Struggle and Solution

2. Share an inspiring or fascinating backstory 

(that ties into what you sell)

3. Tales of Street Cred 

(if you’ve got street red, share it e.g. an award you won and what that means for how you treat your customers)

4. Your Big Why 

(your why is about you and what you believe and also about your customers; connecting with shared values & beliefs)

5. Silly Details

Not starting off with but just a few small, silly details can help people relate to you.

We'll talk through the flavor of your brand and what feel right for you. It's quite an adventure. It can make you feel vulnerable. I know I did when writing the About page for this website. You don't have to reveal anything that makes you feel really uncomfortable but people want to know the real you: your struggles, challenges, fumbles and triumphs. Those are what make you human, real, relatable and interesting.

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