Foldout Business Card

Foldout Business Card

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Do you need a business card?

My answer is: definitely. Why? Because it's still a fantastic way to stay in touch with people you meet and it's more convenient and gives more of a sense of you and your brand than just typing your number into their phone. 

I've created special fold-out business cards for years. People always comment on them and save them. They're like a teeny tiny brochure. (They fold to standard business card size.) You're able to put so many things in them without jamming them up. For example:

  • A little map to your location
  • A quote that's meaningful for you and/or your business
  • Testimonials that sing your praise
  • Directions
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Product examples
  • Images of you

Another cool thing is that you can slip a standard business card inside the folded one and make the fold-out one evergreen while the single one shares time-sensitive offers or details.

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