Scheduling Software

Scheduling Software

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Make Life Easier for You and Buyers

Scheduling software is one of those tools that makes your business daily life easier — let it flow.

Do you need it? Well, it will save you time and effort and maybe even more importantly, it will help potential clients get in touch with you more easily.

I use Acuity Scheduling software, having tested many options and graduated in my understanding over about 10 years of use. 

What's great about Acuity besides the basics is that it's got e-commerce built in. That means you can have a client schedule an appointment and pay in the same simple transaction. If you didn't have this tool, you'd have to direct them to multiple places to do that. 

Acuity also lets people view their appointment in their own time zone, critical if you work with people all over the country and world.

This tool can look daunting when you first approach it. It includes automated welcome and followup e-mails, settings for missed or rescheduled appointments and more. Not to worry. I've used it for years and will help you brand it and let it save you time and bring in more clients.

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