The Moneymaker

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E-Commerce Website

This site is an e-commerce site. That means it's not just here to showcase a good-looking portfolio; it's here to conduct commerce. Websites have evolved over the years we've become used to using them to review everything from directions to groceries and business. Today, the majority of websites are intended to produce an outcome, which more often than not is to generate sales. 

That doesn't mean your site shouldn't be beautiful and inviting; it should be and I'll make sure it is. I use Shopify primarily for e-commerce (also trained in Woo Commerce) and Wordpress for other tasks like courses, memberships and detailed portfolios.

I stay aware of apps and features. I love helping service providers transform their websites into money-making tools. After all, you're in business to be useful and profitable; let's not forget both sides of the equation. 

So what's it take to convert a service-based business into an e-commerce website? It's a way of looking at the services you provide and their value. It's life and business-changing. Book a consult if you'd like to learn more before diving in. You'll never look back.

NOTE: Pricing here is for a standard scope e-commerce site. When we chat, we'll confirm your specific parameters and price.

Collaborator & Developer
How I'm Different

A strategic connector, I work well with left brain / right brain, people-oriented visionaries. I can help you make sense of all the possibilities.

I love helping you figure out your content as well as putting together your well-constructed site. Most developers require that you hand them off ready-to-go copy and assets (images, videos) — I’m here to help you figure out what everything should be, if you need that help.

Design, Copy, Tech

I’m a seasoned brand designer who talks tech and is a trained developer. You’d usually have to hire separate companies for this. Your site will look as great as it works.

It’s All in How You Say It

You also have the option to take advantage of my writing and/or editing skills. I love words as much as design. I’m a grammar nut who knows when to use — and when to eschew — proper grammar.

business genius

Katie’s an inspiring blend of wordsmith wizard, graphic ninja and business genius

Kari Samuels, Coach
Carlsbad, CA

The Best developer

Katie’s communication skills are what sold me… I’ve got the best web developer in the world with Katie…

Gary Turner, Financial Advisor
Vancouver, WA


Katie has MAD SKILLS. Thank you Katie so, so, so much for your brilliance and talent.

Kat Frati, Coach
Manchester by the Sea, NH

The Moneymaker Package

  • E-Commerce Site Design $3,500 value
  • Site Development $3,500 value
  • Value Proposition  $3,500 value
  • App Setup & Integration $1k value

Total Value: $11.5k

Bundled Rate: $8.5k!

Add-Ons Available

  • Brand Design $3,500 value
  • Email Sequence $1,250
  • Opt-In Landing Page $1k
  • Sales Page $3k
  • Copyediting Site $3k
  • Costs vary based on complexity