5 Must-Have's

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Learn to “see” with your head, heart and gut

Your 5 Must-Have's is my hard-won system for getting objective about someone you're interested in or in a relationship with. Created from 100s of hours and 100s of pages of inquiry plus real-life experience. Essential compatibility check for men and women. This is about going much more than skin deep so your connection doesn't fizzle and crash.

How it works

This is a self-study deep inquiry into yourself and what you're looking for in a partner. You'll receive lists of hundreds of traits to consider and directions on how to make sense of your preferences. You'll use any spreadsheet (you can use plain paper too) to tally up your responses.

Also Included

This also importantly includes Your 5 Dealbreakers. Dealbreakers might at first appear to simply be the opposite traits of your must-have's. For instance, you want someone considerate so someone oblivious could be the opposite trait, although there are important personal nuances. No one wants someone obviously mean, however, for you someone who's avoidant or self-focused or some other specific trait might be the thing you simply can't work with. 

We'll go in depth so you get great clarity. The next time you feel butterflies and see stars, let's make sure those stars don't end up being from a gut punch you took because you didn't actually “see” the person right in front of you.

You Win

What will happen with this system is that you'll quickly realize that if you want these great traits in someone else, then you better embody them also. Hmm. Can be an eye-opener. 

The only person any of us has an ultimate say over is ourselves. We're the ones who can decide how we want to behave and what behavior we'll accept from others. This system will shift you from the perspective of "why can't I find the right person" or "why can't he or she do this or that" to "how can I be the best person / mate for my own deeply satisfying life and to enhance the life of my incredible person / mate." Cool, huh? 

Time to Embody Art

Your life is the art you create. Let's make it beautiful, fulfilling, loving and abundant. If you can dream it, it can happen for you. Our connection is a beautiful piece of the puzzle.