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Decluttering is the most surprising, easiest antidote to feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unmotivated.

On top of that, I made $6,337.68 selling what I decluttered on Poshmark — and you can too!

I had such an amazing experience through the process of decluttering and selling on Poshmark that I felt compelled to share it with others. Introducing EmbodyTidyProfits.

Making some extra dough from things you aren't using is satisfying and fun. The big fun on Poshmark comes from the community sharing. But the really big payoff is in learning the value of a $1 — which you learn by selling low-cost items — and even more so, in what decluttering does to your mindset. It declutters your insides. Which leads to freedom in every area of your life: mental, physical, spiritual and emotional.

Take this magical journey with me and get ready for your best life.

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