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Everything starts with your mindset

What is mindset? It's attitude. It's beliefs. Beliefs that are often so entrenched and unconscious, you simply think of them as reality. But your beliefs can be changed. If you want to. It can even happen in an instant when you're ready. Sometimes that readiness took 20 years to show up. 

Your beliefs create your sense of identity, along with other often unconscious goings on inside that fascinating vessel called you. (Nod to Bobby Manard on identity work.)

In this mini course, we'll explore key contributing factors to creating a mindset that will best serve you. Never be at the mercy of your unconscious or subconscious; you get to choose your beliefs so that they serve you and your heartfelt goals. 

Content vs. Context

My colleague Rae-Ann Woods-Shatz talks about content vs. context. She uses the analogy of a coffee cup filled with coffee to make it simple to grasp. The cup is the context; the coffee is the content. 

When it comes to your own life, we often confuse content for context. Getting clear on this is incredibly freeing and important because it shows you that you're not trapped in things where you may feel like you are.

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